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Lose Weight Without Dieting


Do you think it’s possible to lose weight without being on a diet? Indeed it is! You simply need a little bit of planning. One change at a time, integrate this advice in your daily routine:

1)      Don’t skip meals

Unfortunately, skipping a meal and thinking you will cut calories from your caloric balance sheet has its share of consequences! Indeed, your body, as well-designed as it may be, will instinctively try to make up for that deficit somehow: that is, by making you nibble a few bites here and there throughout the day, which is not ideal for your caloric intake! And for those who think that breakfast is an option, think again! This meal enables you to maintain your energy levels before lunch. Remember that your brain and muscles need carbohydrates, so you need to supply them… especially when you wake up!

To learn more about this subject, you can read the articles of my colleagues: “Breakfast Matters,” and “Will Skipping a Meal Make You Fat?

2)      Add nutritious snacks

To avoid energy drops, adding snacks to your schedule is a very good idea. But what is a nutritious snack? It must contain both carbs for fuel, and proteins to sustain you until the next meal. One hour before a workout, this rule must be slightly modified: a source of carbohydrates is enough, as proteins take longer to digest.

For snack ideas that meet these criteria, see: “Top 10 Unprocessed Snacks,” and “Snacks For Dummies.”

3)      Include variety

A variety of foods from the 4 groups of Canada’s Food Guide will ensure that you meet all your needs in vitamins and minerals. However, variety involves doing more than this! Indeed, you can indulge in a few treats, these little sweets that you might have eliminated from your diet. This way, you will avoid the frustration associated with deprivation, and in turn, you will avoid potential cravings!

4)      Stay well-hydrated

It is recommended to drink between 1.5 and 2 L of liquid per day for women, and 2.5 to 3 L per day for men. Of course, water should be the drink of choice, as it hydrates without adding extra calories, but you should know that all liquids count, even soups and pottages! Do you think you meet these requirements? To do so, I suggest you carry a bottle of water wherever you go, and take a sip every 15 minutes.

5)      Listen to your body

Your body is the best gauge of the quantities you need, so listen to it! Eat when you are hungry (not just because it’s meal time), and stop when you are satisfied (the satiety feeling kicks in about 20 minutes after the beginning of a meal, so eat slowly!). But what does this mean in concrete terms? Hunger is felt when digestion of the previous meal is complete, which results in gurgling, an empty feeling in the stomach, lack of energy, and difficulties to concentrate. Satiety creates a feeling of well-being and fullness after a meal, and manifests itself through optimum energy, a need to be active, and of course, when the stomach is just enough full (not too much!).

Now, it’s your turn to tell us about your personal tips to avoid diets!

By Valérie Noël

Valérie Noël

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Université Laval in 2006 and member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec, Valérie has been working as a nutritionist at Nautilus Plus since March 2014. Throughout her career, she has worked in various fields, from hospitals and physical rehabilitation to writing articles and reference documents. However, she has dedicated the majority of her work to food safety and allergies. Curious and versatile… but most of all, passionate about cooking and sports nutrition, she loves giving advice to her clients to help them make the best choices to reach their specific objectives, whatever they may be. Physical activity has always been an important part of her life: recreative and competitive volley-ball, training in the gym, group classes, and also running in the last few years. She also loves the feeling of freedom she gets from it, and would love to surpass herself by running increasingly longer distances during competitions!

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