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List of Running Competitions for Everyone


In summer, most of the clients I meet have a very positive self-image in comparison with the rest of the year. These people consider themselves very active during the summer, and perceive this season as the “easy” part of getting back in shape. In reality, most overestimate either their level of activity, or their weekly diligence.

Last summer is certainly a good example for Quebec readers. The summer was “short,” and there were many chilly or rainy days. The result was that many people who planned sports activities had to bide their time. Ultimately, it’s all about perception. Ask a marathon runner from Quebec where he found the time to train in Quebec last summer…

The answer is most likely to be that he trained, “rain or shine.”

This is why I decided that today I would convince you to enter a competition this summer or fall. It doesn’t matter which one. Choose the sport you want. If you think it’s too expensive, create your own challenge, and decide on the date when you want to complete it.

Long-distance runners who take part in competitions (both recreational and competitive) are not different from you and me. They don’t have superpowers that made them impervious to the hazards of weather. The big difference is that they decided they would do what needs to be done to reach their objective, no matter what. May I remind you that humans have this incredible property… they are waterproof! I don’t know you personally, but I bet the same goes for you.

A good athlete is built methodically and gradually. If you plan on running a marathon at the end of summer, in most cases, you will have to run at least four times a week. If it rains for seven days straight, other than using treadmills, there really isn’t any possible compromise: you will have to run under the rain!

Where do these runners find the necessary motivation? We must admit that very few people prefer to run under the rain… In reality, having an ultimate objective (the date of the competition) turns daily workouts into a necessity to complete their project successfully. Training can’t be postponed to the next week, as other workouts are already planned. In other words, these runners made a choice… and that is not to have a choice!

Recently, I prepared a list of all running competitions for my clients, and I decided to share it with you. This list comes from information available at www.kmag.ca, and covers mainly the Quebec City area.

For people outside of this area, I suggest you consult the above website. For those who prefer cycling or other sports, I suggest you do some extra research. Speaking of which, feel free to share your discoveries in the comments section.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that regardless of your level or physical condition, these competitions are open to everyone. All you need is a reasonable objective, and remember that you should not compare yourself with others, but only with yourself.

See you soon!

By Xavier Jutras


Xavier Jutras

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the Université Laval, Xavier has decided to join the ranks of Nautilus Plus during the winter of 2012 to share his passion about training and sports in general. In sports, he has tried it all (soccer, tennis, dek-hockey, hockey, mountain biking, running, crossfit, etc.), so we could say he qualifies as a hyperactive person. That being said, between two sports, he particularly enjoys writing. Philosopher and blogger in his spare time, he gave himself the mission of selling you physical activity as the (sometimes unsuspected) solution to many of your questions and problems. With a very pragmatic approach, he will know how to guide you through the steps that will lead you to succeed in what should be one of the most important projects of your life: your own well-being. His motto: A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

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