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In Need of Motivation to Take Charge? Read This!

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With only 5 weeks before the end of the I’m Taking Charge 2 challenge, the candidates have given touching, and most of all, inspiring testimonials. Here are some excerpts from a few of them.

Josianne Turgeon (has lost 17.4 lb): “Last spring, my mom had a heart attack, and she became my inspiration. I finally opened my eyes. Since then, my main objective is not to lost weight, but to keep in shape. I want to live long and healthy.”

Hadi Abou Antoun (has lost 30.8 lb): “… Last week was the first time in my life that I could see the balance under 200 pounds!!! I can’t believe what’s happening to me, my body is changing, and I love it!”

Caroline Joubert (has lost 15.9 lb): “My reason for taking charge: what we eat in private finally shows in public… Eight weeks later, not only is my weight loss objective still on track, but what I eat in private shows in public, and I’m really proud of it!”

David Martin (has lost 26.7 lb): “I said I was eating healthy, and it wasn’t true. I said I was moving enough, and it wasn’t true. Result: 240 pounds and high blood pressure. (…) Here I am today, participating in the challenge. Thank you Nautilus Plus for giving me the chance to finally win the Stanley Cup! I feel that I am changing. My body chemistry is activating, and soon I will be a new man.”

Carole Gastaud (has lost 19.8 lb): “’At my age, I will never have the shape I had before, let alone the motivation. I know that some are able to do it, but for me it’s different.’ These are sentences that were part of my vocabulary before I signed up for the challenge! Since then, I have found the explosive energy I had before, which was buried well under my extra kilos! Not only do I take pleasure in working out regularly, but I also realize accomplishments I never thought I’d be able to do.”

And you, what story do you have that will inspire others to take charge?

Visit www.facebook/jemeprendsenmain.com to access all the testimonials.

By Karine Larose


Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Karine Larose is a kinesiologist, Director of Marketing and Communications and Spokesperson for Nautilus Plus who specializes in fitness motivation. She authored The Guide to Healthier Living, penned the book 10-4 The Healthy Way to Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks and released her third work called Zero Diet: Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Success, all by Les Éditions du TRÉCARRÉ. Karine has launched a series of exercise DVDs entitled 30 minutes par jour pour Vivre Plus and is featured on the ULTIME FIT online platform. Many TV shows and radio stations regularly request Karine’s point of view on physical exercise issues and points of interest.

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