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Happy Hour, Terraces & Co.

Variation of drinks

Summer: the best season for cocktails! One, two, three… and behold, the calorie count is skyrocketing! Is there a way to both celebrate and keep your figure at the same time? In this article, I will address the issue and give you my recommendations regarding the best and worst choices when ordering.

First, remember that in equal amounts, alcohol contains almost twice as much calories than carbohydrates and protein.

Grams                       Calories
1 g carbs                     4 kcal
1 g protein                 4 kcal
1 g alcohol                 7 kcal
1 g fat                           9 kcal

Alcohol contains almost as many calories as lipids (fats). Keep this in mind when you are invited to a happy hour!

Some cocktails can contain up to 90 grams of sugar in a single 10 oz. glass, which corresponds to 18 teaspoons. Enough to think twice before ordering a second drink!

Here’s how it works in reality:

Tableau alcool_eng

Cocktails with the highest energy content provide about 40% of your daily caloric intake (if you are eating 2000 calories a day). Three glasses already put you over the line for the day, and we didn’t even count appetizers yet (pop-corn, nachos, or other).

Favour cocktails prepared with carbonated water or soda to those made with syrup, liquor, or cream. Choose smaller servings when available, and limit your overall consumption to 2 or 3 glasses. You can also opt for a glass of wine or beer, with only 100 and 140 calories, respectively. Finally, remember that it’s important to stay well-hydrated. You should always have a glass of water handy.

If you want more information on the calories contained in various types of alcohol, you can consult the section “Beware of calories” in the article “A Few Ideas for Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain.”

Do you have a new perspective on cocktails now?

By Valérie Noël, P.Dt. Nutritionist

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Valérie Noël

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Université Laval in 2006 and member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec, Valérie has been working as a nutritionist at Nautilus Plus since March 2014. Throughout her career, she has worked in various fields, from hospitals and physical rehabilitation to writing articles and reference documents. However, she has dedicated the majority of her work to food safety and allergies. Curious and versatile… but most of all, passionate about cooking and sports nutrition, she loves giving advice to her clients to help them make the best choices to reach their specific objectives, whatever they may be. Physical activity has always been an important part of her life: recreative and competitive volley-ball, training in the gym, group classes, and also running in the last few years. She also loves the feeling of freedom she gets from it, and would love to surpass herself by running increasingly longer distances during competitions!

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