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5 yoga poses to improve your flexibility

May 3, 2017 - By Nautilus Plus

Temps de lecture 4 minutes

Whether you lead a rather sedentary lifestyle or are a professional athlete, flexibility training is a key component to overall health and wellness.

Here are some of our favourite moves that can easily be practised anywhere, at any time, without any equipment or fancy props, to help promote a supple and flexible body.


Why we love it:

  • Helps to promote circulation through the spine and internal organs
  • Helps to release accumulated tension in the neck and back

Let’s get started – How to:

Starting in a seated position, extend the right leg forward and bend the left knee, opening up at the hip. Anchor your left hand on the floor behind you for support. Place the right hand on the left knee to provide some leverage in your twist. Looking over your left shoulder, rotate the chest counter-clockwise.

Repeat on the other side.

Practical tip: Use your inhalations to lengthen the spine upwards and your exhalations to deepen into the twist.


Why we love it:

  • Lovely stretch for the inner thigh.
  • Helps release tension in the hip flexors and IT band
  • Helps to open up the chest and front of the body

Let’s get started – How to:

Standing with the feet the length on one leg apart, position them parallel to each other to reduce strain in the knees. Bend one knee and place the opposite hand on the ground. Maintain the alignment between the hand and respective shoulder.

Practical tip: Extend the arm above the head to help open up the chest area. Gently rotate the head towards the elevated hand to minimize the strain in the neck.


Why we love it:

  • Bending sideways while extending the spine promotes a healthy and smooth digestion.
  • It helps to open the chest, shoulders and side of the body.

Let’s get started – How to:

Maintaining the same leg position as with the spinal twist, extend the right arm on the inside of the right leg for postural support. Extend the left arm upwards, towards the extended leg.

Repeat on the other side.

Practical tip: Rotate the head towards the extended top arm, looking upwards, to help maintain integrity in the neck. Use your inhalations to extend the top arm upwards and your exhalations to further deepen the stretch.


Why we love it:

  • Forward folding promotes a fresh blood flow to the brain
  • It also helps to soothe and relax the nervous system and ease anxiety
  • Excellent hip and hamstring stretch

Let’s get started – How to:

Standing with the feet the length of one leg apart, rise up onto the ball of the back foot. Square off the hips by gently bringing back the hip of the front leg.

Frame the front leg with your hands on both sides. Extend the spine forward.

Repeat on both sides.

Practical tip: Use your inhalations to lengthen forward through the spine and your exhalations to fold over the front leg. Repeat using the natural flow of the breath.


Why we love it:

  • Excellent release in the hip area
  • Strengthens the postural muscles in the spine

Let’s get started – How to:

Grounding through the sits bones, bend the legs at the knees in the butterfly position. Bring the soles of the feet to touch.

Feeling bendy? With bent elbows, push the legs further down towards the ground for a greater stretch intensity.

Practical tip: Use your inhalations to lengthen the spine upwards and your exhalations to fold the upper body over the bent legs.

5 yoga poses to improve your flexibility is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2017

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