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5 reasons NOT to diet to lose weight

Strict diet

By Amanda Labourot, SOSCuisine

1. You will end up solo.

Most weight-loss diets include strict food plans that are seldom applicable to your family members.

While you may no longer enjoy the pleasure of a meal with your family or an evening out with friends, frustrations increase and you jeopardize all the work you’ve put in. What’s more, you may end up solo at the table…

SOS Cuisine provides a tool for planning identical meals for several people at the table. Through automatic calculation of servings, including the amount of calories and other nutrients, these meals are ideal for the people who wish to lose weight and eat in good company.

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2. You don’t have a degree in nutrition. 

You are a unique person with your own metabolism. When you go on a diet, you must ensure that your individual nutritional requirements are met and, contrary to what the ads try to make you believe, it is not something so easy. With incomplete nutrient intake, you put your health at risk.

So there’s nothing better than healthy, low-calorie weekly meal plans that are customized to suit your preferences and/or food allergies.

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3. You’ll become sedentary. 

Lack of mobility and physical activity is a widespread malady among western populations in the 21st century. Studies have shown that the more one follows a severe weight loss regime, the less motivated they are to play sports in the long run.

And yet it is essential to combine healthy eating and physical activity in order to maintain a healthy weight. This is how you can better manage and control your weight, once the weight is lost. Some gyms have decided to democratize these global health practices among the general public. Such is the case of the Nautilus Plus centres, which offer various fitness and weight-loss programmes, including follow-ups with a nutritionist. You can easily combine these services with one of the weekly smart meal plans.

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4. You won’t learn anything.

Many diets require people to consume prepared meals or meal replacements. You’ll develop no culinary skills if you follow such diets. Once your diet is over, chances are, you’ll put on all the lost weight again, because you will not have learned to put together balanced meals.

The smart meal plans on offer come with an action plan that lets you minimize cooking time, while learning the basics of a healthy diet. The aim is to help you eat better by guiding you towards autonomy.

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5. Eating well is not complicated.

Why go on a diet to lose weight when you can just eat healthy? You have already tried, but your attempt has failed? Don’t feel guilty, maybe you just need guidance in order to adopt better eating habits.

By using the tools and advice provided by SOSCuisine and Nautilus Plus, you will adopt a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel better physically and mentally, by eliminating the hardships and frustrations that accompany traditional diets.

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Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Karine Larose is a kinesiologist, Director of Marketing and Communications and Spokesperson for Nautilus Plus who specializes in fitness motivation. She authored The Guide to Healthier Living, penned the book 10-4 The Healthy Way to Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks and released her third work called Zero Diet: Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Success, all by Les Éditions du TRÉCARRÉ. Karine has launched a series of exercise DVDs entitled 30 minutes par jour pour Vivre Plus and is featured on the ULTIME FIT online platform. Many TV shows and radio stations regularly request Karine’s point of view on physical exercise issues and points of interest.

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