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From 375 lb to Triathlete!

Before, I was just a person in great need of help to address serious health issues; my body weight had reached 375 pounds. And then I signed up to the Nautilus Plus I’m Taking Charge Super Challenge!

Given how close to the bottom I was, it didn’t take a lot to discourage me from facing such a formidable problem. The mountain was unsurmountable; I thought I had to lose 145 pounds only to be healthy. I didn’t see any options left, as I thought I had tried them all, and failed at that. I needed something to stir me up and stay the course once and for all. That’s what the challenge was all about for me. Obviously, I couldn’t lose a 145 lb in only three months, but the 65 lb I lost over the course of the Super Challenge made all the difference in the world for me. I don’t see a mountain now, but rather a hill, and the finish line on the opposite side is getting ever closer.

Martin Landry_5After the end of the Super Challenge, I knew I needed another. Clearly, “Challenge mode” was working for me! With summertime fast approaching, I wanted to avoid gaining weight back at all cost; I’m a summer type kind of guy. The manager of the centre in Boisbriand, Roberto Campo, was part of a group created by my trainer Patrick Labelle for the purpose of taking part in Tremblant’s Olympic Ironman. Instantly, I knew what I had to do. After a quick Internet search, I found out about Montreal’s Esprit sprint triathlon on September 11. This meant I had three months to prepare. I signed up and sat down with Patrick to design a workout plan for the summer. Last Sunday, I successfully finished my first triathlon! Think about it; only eight months ago, I couldn’t even climb the stairs to the second floor without being out of breath, and now I have a triathlon under my belt. This is extraordinary.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with Patrick to plan my third challenge. Just so you know… I signed up for the 2017 Tremblant Ironman, but this time, I’ll compete in the Olympic division, with my Boisbriand teammates. Not only are the distances twice as long, but the playing field is not the same either. However, I want to keep in mind my main objective of losing weight, so we divided this challenge into two phases. The first four months will be focused on my weight loss, just as we did during the Super Challenge, while keeping our sights set on the triathlon when we choose exercises. The second phase will be a preparation for the event, just like this summer was.

I am very grateful to many people for this change of lifestyle. Sure, I had to put in the physical effort, and I still have to, but I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. Of course, the one person I thank the most is my trainer Patrick, my “King”, as I often nickname him. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is also highly perceptive. I don’t always have the same level of motivation when we meet, and he always finds a way to turn my mood around. He even sacrificed a good chunk of his day off from work to come and cheer for me last Sunday at Notre Dame Island. I also wish to give special thanks to Roberto. A natural-born motivator, he manages his gym as would a father do, and conveys his values, motivation, and empathy to his team. When he found out I had signed up for the Esprit triathlon, he decided to take part in it as well to support me. We went together. Roberto’s wave started three hours earlier than I did, and he had almost crossed the finish line when I started my race, but he stayed until the end to cheer for me. When I got to the last kilometre of running, he ran alongside me to the finish line. Incredible!

Martin Landry et Roberto

Martin Landry with Roberto

I live in Boisbriand, I work in St-Laurent, and one week out of two I have to go to Quebec City, so I visit many Nautilus Plus centres. Like many other members, I took the opportunity to meet Karine Larose at Place Nautilus Plus during the Super Challenge conference. Regardless of which centre I go to, it’s always the same: I meet smiling people who encourage me and care about my success. I am so grateful to the entire Nautilus Plus network. The Challenge was the spark that ignited the fire that Patrick and I have been fuelling ever since. 

Thank you so much!

Martin Landry

Martin Landry_6

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